Published: 2019.09.06. Armstrong Economics: the world on the road to crisis

Armstrong Economics: the world on the road to crisis - 보기

According to analyst Martin Armstrong, the world is now in the middle phase of the crisis, and Asian countries fear the intervention of the Chinese army against protests in Hong Kong.

The article says that it is highly likely that the Chinese army can suppress protests in Hong Kong with the help of military forces. In this case, the Asian region will lose confidence in the eyes of global investors, and the Chinese currency will be under serious pressure. Meanwhile, the European Union is now busy with the problem of preserving the region’s economy by federalizing it.

Former British Finance Minister Philip Hammond accuses the current Prime Minister of the country, Boris Johnson, of sabotaging any agreement with the EU on the country's withdrawal from this association on soft terms, putting forward unacceptable requirements.

Armstrong believes that Germany will lose more than other countries in the case of the Brexit model, as well as Ireland, which opposes the European version of the Berlin Wall.

Currently, the US is a safe haven for investors amid the chaos and uncertainty in Europe and Asia. Therefore, the US dollar has a good chance to once again demonstrate the appreciation.