Published: 2020.08.01. Bill Halter: all paths lead to gold and silver

Bill Halter: all paths lead to gold and silver - Preview

According to the expert, against the background of the current situation in the global economy, all paths lead to gold and silver. “Gold is the sworn enemy of fiat currencies. You need to understand that the world economy is now experiencing serious problems. Therefore, capital needs funds to save itself. Gold and silver are the only money that does not have the opposite side risk. The production of precious metals is a complex process that requires special equipment and trained personnel. Many financial assets are based on promises only. But very often promises are made in order not to keep them."
According to Holter, “Central banks are in a desperate situation. They need to either continue pumping money into the System or go bankrupt. In the event of a collapse of the System, deflation may begin, as a result of which the entire credit system will collapse, which will pull currencies with it."
He went on to say, “What is the best asset against hyperinflation? These are precious metals. They are clean money and will help you survive the collapse of the financial system. Therefore, all paths lead to gold."
Bill Holter is optimistic about the future prospects for the yellow precious metal. In his opinion, silver is now undervalued in relation to its "older brother". He believes that the optimal ratio of gold and silver prices should be 1:10.
The expert recommends buying precious metals only in physical form, as well as stocking up on food and drinking water. He predicts a huge loss in the purchasing power of many currencies and a decline in living standards, as has happened repeatedly in the past.