Coronavirus worsened the mood of buyers in China, the largest consumer country of gold, which led to a decrease in demand for jewelry. Jewelry retailing has suffered as many shops have reduced working hours to prevent the spread of the virus.
Published: 2020.02.20.
Precious metals market analyst Jeff Curry from Goldman Sachs, an American investment bank, told Bloomberg in an interview about why the bank is positive about the future prospects of gold.
Published: 2020.02.19.
The US Geological Survey (USGS) has published a report on mining in the country. It follows from the results of last 2019 that 200 tons of gold were mined in the States, which is -11% less than in 2018.
Published: 2020.02.18.
The US Geological Survey released data on the gold market for 2019. It provides data on the mining of yellow precious metals by the largest gold-mining countries. The report also provides an estimate of how much gold is left for mining in the bowels of th
Published: 2020.02.17.
Precious gold gifts are very popular on Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day has been around for over 18 centuries. Celebrate it today, February 14, the day of the patron saint of all lovers - the Roman priest Valentine. This date is a true paradise for all e
Published: 2020.02.14.
An employee of the Australian Mint Jerry Hicks spoke about the current situation in the gold market, including the sale of investment gold. He paid special attention to the growth of Australian gold sales at the end of 2019 in Germany. It was thanks to th
Published: 2020.02.13.
According to Bloomberg Intelligence, gold is a favorite this year in terms of growth in returns for its investors. Kitco News news agency experts analyzed the opinions of some analysts on the precious metals market.
Published: 2020.02.11.
The Australian Mint, located in the city of Perth (The Perth Mint), recently published a message in which it announced its intention to make the world gold market transparent to all its participants. The technology company Security Matters Ltd will help h
Published: 2020.02.10.
Who can invest in gold and silver when Central banks pursue a policy of low interest rates? To answer this question, you need to understand what type of investors you belong to.
Published: 2020.02.07.
The Australian Mint, located in the city of Perth (The Perth Mint), published official data on the sale of gold and silver in January of 2020. It follows from them that the previous month showed an increase compared to the same period in 2019.
Published: 2020.02.06.