Published: 2019.05.10. Construction of a gold vault in Texas.

Construction of a gold vault in Texas. - Preview

In 2015, the Texas authorities decided to build the first gold storage facility in the state. Currently, construction is in full swing. It can take a yellow precious metal worth $ 100 billion. According to the plan, the Texas repository should be the most reliable in the country after Fort Knox.

The fact is that almost all large gold deposits are located on the east coast. Then the Texas authorities decided to build one of the best and safest places to store precious metals. In this case, it will be insured in the company Lloyd "s of London. This is reported by the portal with reference to the state representative.

The article also states that the new vault will give investors more choice to store their gold and silver. Extractive companies will also be able to use his servants. At the same time guaranteed complete safety of the precious property.

According to Forbes, Texas will now be an attractive destination for gold mining companies. Thanks to the new depository, they will be able to keep their assets in it in order to wait out the volatility in the gold market or wait for the right partners for the gold sale deal.