Published: 2021.04.30. Gold 2021: inflation on the way around the world

Gold 2021: inflation on the way around the world - Preview

For comparison: for example, in February, inflation in the United States was 1.7%, and in March it already rose to 2.6%, which was the fastest monthly increase in the last 8.5 years.
According to analysts, the main factor behind the current rise in gold prices is primarily the energy sector, which in the past 2020 was very badly affected by the restrictive measures caused by the spread of the coronavirus around the world. But now there is a restoration of its former positions.
As for the Eurozone, there is also a noticeable rise in inflation. If earlier it was 0.9%, now it has grown to 1.3%. For comparison: from September to December 2020, inflation in the Eurozone was 0.3%!
For some analysts and bankers, the rise in consumer prices may seem like a temporary phenomenon, but for consumers it is a noticeable event that negatively affects citizens' spending. Now more than ever there is a need to protect your savings from further depreciation through inflation. Further growth in unsecured money supply and debt burden at various levels will continue to put pressure on the savings of citizens in virtually every country in the world.
Two obvious factors are evidence of citizens' concern about the rise in inflation. Firstly, this is the number of queries in the Google search engine for a given query. Their number even exceeded the crisis years of 2008 and 2011, since then the likelihood of a collapse of the euro was quite real. Secondly, the increased demand for the bitcoin cryptocurrency indicates that people are looking for protective assets for their savings. The demand for them is now very high. Bitcoin capitalization is now $ 1.1 trillion, and the entire crypto market is almost $ 2.1 trillion.
Reflection: Gold and Bitcoin cannot be increased in a short period of time by pressing a button on a printing press, as is now the case with fiat currencies.