Published: 2019.08.07. Gold and Central Banks

Gold and Central Banks - Preview

According to the World Gold Council (WGC), the Central banks of many countries of the world continue to pursue an active policy of increasing the gold reserves of their countries. According to experts, the gold reserves of many countries will continue to grow in the near future.

It is worth recalling that since 2009, the total gold reserves of the countries of the world have grown by + 14%, and now their value is approximately $ 1.6 trillion. The leading countries for the purchase of gold are Russia, China, as well as Poland. They have a noticeable increase in gold reserves amid a slowdown in the global economy and the growth of geopolitical problems. Also, many countries are reducing the share of the US dollar in international reserves, replacing it with yellow precious metal.

A WGC review says central bank demand for gold will remain stably high over the next 12 months, as volatility in the global economy will force countries to stabilize their international reserves with gold, which is a safe haven asset during the financial crisis.