Published: 2020.01.10. Gold coins of 1200 years old found in Israel

Gold coins of 1200 years old found in Israel - Preview

As it became known recently, Israeli archaeologists have found ancient gold coins, whose age is estimated at 1200 years. According to some estimates, they were minted between 786 and 809. BC. in North Africa.
In the past, gold coins were the only real means of payment. Moreover, they maintained their status as a means of payment for many centuries. Gold coins are a real physical asset whose value has been deliberately belittled by supporters of a modern monetary system, which is based on loans.
Historical finds from past centuries once again prove to us that in the past, currencies were at least tied to real physical assets. This made it possible to maintain economic prosperity for a long time.
According to Fox News, during excavations in Israel, archaeologists stumbled upon an amphora in which ancient coins of gold were hidden. Apparently, we are talking about dinars that were minted between 786 and 809. BC, that is, about 1200 years ago. According to experts, gold coins were used as a means of payment during the reign of the Arab dynasty of Aglabida in the territory of modern Tunisia.
But the most ancient gold coins found in our time are the coins of King Croesus, who ruled the kingdom of Lydia in 560-546. BC e. It is believed that Croesus was one of the first to mint a coin, setting the standard for metal purity and the royal emblem on the front. For this reason, he was considered a fabulous rich man in the ancient world.