Published: 2019.12.04. How to transport 100 tons of gold to Poland

How to transport 100 tons of gold to Poland - Preview

The transport company G4S, which specializes in the transport of valuables, spoke on its official website about how it transported Polish gold from London to Warsaw.

In July 2019, the Central Bank of Poland announced that since the beginning of the year he bought a total of 100 tons of yellow precious metal. At the same time, it was announced that the Polish Central Bank intends to return most of the gold to the country, which was kept by the Bank of England in London.

And recently, the transport company G4S told on its official website the details of this special operation. Precious metals market participants were surprised by the fact that this kind of information was made available to the general public for review. Usually the details of transporting gold are kept secret, even after its completion.

According to published data, 8.000 gold bars were transported from London to Warsaw, which corresponds to 100 tons. In this case, two different airports were used. Then the yellow precious metal was delivered to the Central Bank vault in Warsaw, accompanied by special forces of the Polish police. The Boeing 737 was used as a transport aircraft. In one flight, he could transfer 12.5 tons of gold.

The entire route began in London. Transportation was carried out under cover of night. Gold bars were placed in wooden crates, which were then loaded into the armored vehicles of the transport company G4S. Transportation was carried out with the exact coordination of all actions by the Bank of England, the Central Bank of Poland and G4S. Thanks to the coordinated work of all the participants, the operation to return gold to Poland was successful.