Published: 2020.05.14. Incrementum AG: buy gold with every correction

Incrementum AG: buy gold with every correction - Preview

“I believe that we are now in the second phase of public participation. This means that it is necessary to use each correction to increase your position in the yellow precious metal. The accumulation phase begins when non-conformists who act against the mainstream come to the market, ”the expert said.
“The second phase is the longest. The price of gold begins to rise rapidly. The news is getting upbeat. Analysts are raising their forecasts for gold, ”the expert believes.
In his opinion, the gold market is in the second phase. Now it is worth using every decrease to accumulate precious metals. This is the only way to “saddle” the uptrend in the market. In the third phase, the most advanced investors who started to buy first will sell their gold to new investors who will come to the market in the wake of general excitement.