Published: 2019.03.14. India will give gold to girls from poor families

India will give gold to girls from poor families - Preview

The government of the province of Assam in India decided to donate 11 grams of gold to future brides from low-income families. In total for this action 875 kg will be spent. yellow precious metal. It will be a gift before local elections.

In May of this year, regional elections will be held in the province of Assam. The government of this region decided to give a golden gift to 80,000 girls whose families are classified as poor. Thus, the authorities of the region want to attract its inhabitants to come to the polls. And gold should help them in this.

According to Reuters, the Ministry of Finance has allocated 3 billion rupees for this action. They will be spent on the purchase of 875 kg. gold to be divided between 80.000 girls. Each of them will receive approximately 11 grams of precious metal. At current prices, 11 grams of gold costs about 405 euros. It should also be recalled that the Assam region is located in the north of the country and is known throughout the world for tea plantations. Therefore, the population of this region has enough funds for savings, which are mainly spent on the purchase of gold.

The province of Assam is known for its tradition of giving gold to daughters when they become adults and are going to leave their father’s house in order to begin an independent life. According to the Minister of Finance of the region, with the help of this action, he wants to support those fathers who, for financial reasons, cannot give their daughters a gift in the form of gold jewelry.

Regional authorities intend to buy gold from the Central Bank of India. The golden gift will be received only by those girls who have an annual family income of less than 500,000 rupees (about 6,000 euros).