Published: 2022.05.12. Lynette Zang: what to buy during a crisis

Lynette Zang: what to buy during a crisis - Preview

The chief market analyst at ITM Trading explained in an interview that she does not expect the Federal Reserve to be able to take control of inflation. "We're heading into a hyperinflationary depression because they have to cut all that debt - and that's a global problem."
According to Zang, this makes gold and silver ownership more important than ever. But equally important, she says, is building strong social bonds and access to food, water, shelter and energy. "It's your exchange potential, it's the preservation of your wealth [...] You have to be willing to be as independent and self-sufficient as possible," she explains. The immediate environment of friends and relatives, according to her, is probably the most important component for survival.
Zang also believes that the world is currently undergoing a change in the monetary system. The end result will be a central bank digital currency - in other words, "programmable money". Although it may seem unsettling, there are opportunities in such an environment. Wealth never disappears, it just moves between people: “You want to be able to direct this wealth in your direction. And you can achieve this while maintaining your purchasing power.”
According to her, this can be done with the help of physical gold and silver. “I think right now it makes a lot of sense to keep most of your wealth in an undervalued asset that is in a long-term positive trend, and the smallest part of your wealth should be placed in an overvalued asset or instrument that is in a long-term negative trend,” Zang said. . “The real trend is neither the stock market nor cryptocurrencies or anything else. What matters now is to preserve the purchasing power of the currency.”