Published: 2022.09.28. Nick Barisheff: $10,000 gold is now realistic

Nick Barisheff: $10,000 gold is now realistic - Preview

The founder of BMG Group believes that investors should now leave the financial markets. After the US Federal Reserve raised interest rates again by 0.75 percentage points, and the cost of borrowing became prohibitive for many institutions and households, many financial assets are losing their appeal, Barisheff said.
As the FOMC also maintains the prospect of a further 2.50% rate hike by early 2023, volatility in US equity markets is on the rise. According to the investment expert, the global economy is facing a stagflation-depression scenario, so it's time for investors to focus on the safety of their portfolios and avoid high risks.
For Europe, he predicts by the end of the year not just a recession, but a real depression.
The $10,000 per troy ounce gold price target, according to the analyst, is a realistic target for the time being and may need to be revised upwards at some point.