Published: 2021.11.29. Nick Barisheff: Leave the Stock Market on Time

Nick Barisheff: Leave the Stock Market on Time - Preview

According to the CEO of BMG Group, the rise in shares will not last forever. Many investors will feel this with bitterness, so he advises to react on time and withdraw their capital from the stock market.
“The market is facing a serious correction. Nobody knows what will cause it and when it will happen - it may be tomorrow, maybe in six months, ”he said in an interview. According to the expert, investors usually slowly leave the market when a crash begins. They are losing 10% to 20% in a day, he said, but are holding on to their shares in the hope of a recovery.
“When the markets become as uncertain as they are now, then you are on the brink of a cliff. In this case, you should step back, ”he explains. “You need to take your money off the table and leave. After all, even if you earn 10% per month, is this 10% worth the risk of losing 50-70%? "
However, he advises against switching to cash due to currency devaluation. “Instead of taking your money and putting it in cash, you should invest in gold because cash depreciates every day. Gold will at least hold its ground and possibly rise [...] so if you sit out in gold, you can wait for the market to complete the correction and then return to it. " At this point, there are likely to be great investment opportunities at attractive prices.