Published: 2019.08.05. Products with gold

Products with gold - Preview

The company "Dyson" released for all lovers of gold hair dryer "Supersonic" with a gold-plated surface, thereby expanding the range of objects made using yellow precious metal. This unique product costs $ 500, which is only $ 100 more expensive than the version without gilding. Dyson did not advertise its product too much by quietly publishing a corresponding video on its website, which shows how gold foil was skillfully applied to each hairdryer.

In this video, specialist Karen Hazlewood prepared the foil and personally applied it to the back case of hair dryers, which was specially painted in red. Five sheets of foil 0.1 microns thick were applied to each hairdryer by hand. “The gold-plated hair dryer of the company“ Dyson ”called“ Supersonic ”of 23.75 carats of gold ideally combines high technology and artistic craftsmanship,” it is written on the website “Dyson”. The red color, which was created for applying foil on it, was chosen specially, according to the site, because “it will show its color with time, creating a specific patina for each gold-plated hair dryer.”

The gold that was used for the new product was mined in Florence, Italy, and it is known for its “color and brilliance”. “The thickness of the foil is about 333 atoms, and each sheet is incredibly thin and must be applied manually. Five sheets were used for each hair dryer, which were then straightened to create a smooth and even surface, ”said Dyson. Each hairdryer is in the red box, which corresponds to the same red color used for the base layer of the hairdryer surface.