Published: 2019.09.18. Saudi Arabian refinery drone attack and gold price

Saudi Arabian refinery drone attack and gold price - 보기

Financial markets win back drone attack on oil refinery in Saudi Arabia. This incident may become a growth driver for the price of gold. On Wednesday, the next meeting of the US Federal Reserve will be held.

Last Saturday, a drone attack occurred in Saudi Arabia at one of the largest oil refineries. Today, in the financial markets you can observe the consequences of this event, namely: stocks are falling - gold is growing, not to mention the increase in world oil prices (WTI / Brent: + 8%).

The destruction of such a large refinery will have a direct impact on world oil supplies. Also, this event can have very serious geopolitical consequences. As history shows, when the conflict between the US and Iran escalates, the US State Department immediately declares this Islamic country an aggressor.