Published: 2022.11.21. Switzerland: gold deliveries in October 2022

Switzerland: gold deliveries in October 2022 - Preview

Swiss customs data also show that imports of raw gold amounted to 221.6 tons, worth 8.7 billion Swiss francs. Exports of raw gold by Switzerland during this period amounted to 159.6 tons worth 8.5 billion Swiss francs.
The United States became the largest supplier of gold to the Alpine Republic in October. According to these data, Switzerland imported 54.7 tons of gold from there. Switzerland also registered high imports from Peru in the amount of 18.9 tons of gold, and 17.1 tons of the yellow precious metal were imported from Australia.
As in previous months, the largest of the three main buyers of Swiss gold in October was China: Switzerland shipped 43.7 tons there. In addition, Switzerland shipped 31.2 tons of gold to Turkey and 22.2 tons to India.