The price of gold is under pressure as investors have begun to show optimism about the forthcoming working vaccines against the coronavirus. The stock market performed well in November, and for the gold market it may become one of the worst in the last fo
Published: 2020.12.01.
В связи со сложившейся ситуацией в мире, мы приняли решение дать возможность каждому человеку участвовать в промоакции "бизнес под ключ за 50% от суммы старта", который распространяется на все звенья большого круга
Published: 2020.11.17.
Precious metals analyst Neil Meader of Metals Focus recently spoke to Kitco News about the current situation in the gold and silver market.
Published: 2020.11.26.
It is during the crisis periods of history that gold is a safe and reliable asset for investing your capital. A Degussa CEO recently revealed in an interview why the yellow precious metal is now a good choice for protecting savings.
Published: 2020.11.24.
Analysts of the American bank Goldman Sachs predict that in the next 2021 the price of gold will be able to break out of the narrow price range in which it has been trading for the past three months. According to the bank, it is fears about inflation that
Published: 2020.11.21.
Analysts at the British bank HSBC believe that the global gold price will continue to remain under pressure after the recent correction. The yellow precious metal is trading below $ 1,900 an ounce. The decline in quotations occurred after the publication
Published: 2020.11.19.
Gold futures rose during the European session on Friday.
Published: 2020.11.16.
In recent months, financial markets have been closely following the US electoral race. Even after their end, it remains unclear who became the president of this country. Apparently, now is the time for lawyers and court hearings, during which cases of ele
Published: 2020.11.11.
Gold mining companies of the world were able to produce 2,447 tons of yellow precious metal in the first nine months of this 2020 - a decrease of 5% compared to last year. However, against this background, the supply of secondary gold increased in the wor
Published: 2020.11.08.
Precious metals analyst David Morgan spoke in a recent interview about the impact of the US presidential election on the value of gold and silver. He is the author of the Morgan Report information portal.
Published: 2020.11.05.