Inflation frees up political forces that seek to restrict civil and business freedoms.
Published: 2021.06.21.
Frank Holmes, CEO of investment firm Global Investors, recently told The Investing News Network that the price of gold could surpass last year's 2020 record this year. According to the expert, this year gold should overcome the maximum of last year withou
Published: 2021.06.18.
BullionVault, an online precious metals trading company, recently reported a sharp rise in demand for gold. At the end of May 2021, this figure almost doubled, namely, by 97%. Thus, the month of May has become a record for the previous four months. Moreov
Published: 2021.06.17.
Kitco News, which covers the precious metals market, recently reported that a very rare American gold coin was sold at Sotheby's. The deal amounted to a record $ 18.9 million.
Published: 2021.06.14.
“Gold is a reliable insurance against crises”, - this is the opinion of financial expert Thorsten Polleit. Precious metals protect savings from major losses not only as a result of a "politically induced lockdown". They also demonstrate what Central Banks
Published: 2021.06.12.
Kitco News recently interviewed Chris Vermeulen, chief strategist at During the conversation, they discussed the current situation in the global gold market and the pricing of the yellow precious metal.
Published: 2021.06.09.
The announcement that the National Wealth Fund (NWF) of Russia may receive permission to invest part of its capital in gold was first published in March 2021. This was reported then by the TASS news agency.
Published: 2021.06.07.
Gold price managed to hold above the 200-day average this week. According to analysts at the Swiss bank Credit Suisse, the upward trend will continue in the gold market.
Published: 2021.06.03.
Economics professor Steve Hanke spoke about the new Gold Sentiment Index. He calculated it in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins Institute. This indicator lets you know if the mood in the gold market is "bearish" or "bullish". Thanks to this, investors
Published: 2021.06.02.
Pricing in the cryptocurrency market gives the impression of the formation of another "bubble". We can observe all the classic signs of speculative mania. This is the opinion of analysts at the research company TS Lombard, which points to clear parallels
Published: 2021.05.31.