In February 2020, gold exports from Switzerland amounted to only 42 tons, although almost half of the world's gold is processed in this country. Compared with January, the volume of deliveries decreased by half. In the world there has been a violation of
Published: 2020.03.27.
Recent developments in financial markets are unprecedented. Ahead of us can expect new shocks. But no matter what happens, one ounce of gold will always remain gold. Yellow precious metals can help stabilize the monetary system.
Published: 2020.03.26.
Australian investment bank Macquarie has published a review of the situation in the gold market. He called three negative factors that will affect the yellow precious metal. Despite the increased uncertainty in the world and low Fed rates, the price of go
Published: 2020.03.23.
According to FinnCap's Monica Tepes, now is a good time to start investing in gold, as the world is in the initial stages of an economic crisis. At best, the global economy will slow down.
Published: 2020.03.19.
Last week, coronavirus began to spread rapidly in the United States and Europe, which led to another collapse of quotations on world financial markets. The Federal Reserve System (FRS) reduces interest rates to zero, introduces a new asset repurchase prog
Published: 2020.03.17.
The financial authorities of the United States and Europe are preparing comprehensive assistance due to the spread of coronavirus, which has already had a negative impact on various spheres of public life and business. The price of gold receives support f
Published: 2020.03.16.
The price of gold is now under pressure, and the correction on the exchanges has not yet ended. How will the situation develop further? How will gold and silver behave?
Published: 2020.03.13.
Precious metals market analyst John Kaiser told The Investing News Network about the impact of coronavirus on the global economy and precious metal pricing.
Published: 2020.03.12.
The precious metals market is in lateral movement, despite an uptrend. According to the results of February 2020, the price of gold decreased by -0.2%, ending the second month of the year at around $ 1,585.85 per ounce. The price of silver finished Februa
Published: 2020.03.10.
Well-known American commodity market expert Jim Rogers believes the panic surrounding the Chinese coronavirus is a bit exaggerated. In his opinion, any correction in the precious metals market gives investors a chance to increase their investments.
Published: 2020.03.07.