Most financial market experts expect another significant change in the US Federal Reserve interest rate this month. According to analyst Todd Horwitz, it is possible that the rate hike will be even higher than expected. He predicts a full percentage point
Published: 2022.09.12.
The weak performance of the gold and silver markets this summer is killing hope that the precious metals will be able to finish the year with good returns. The most important economic indicators are also on a downward trend this summer.
Published: 2022.09.10.
Information portal Kitco News recently interviewed John Butler, during which they discussed the global gold market and the prospects for the yellow precious metal.
Published: 2022.09.07.
Starting from a low of $1680 hit on July 21st, the price of gold was able to rise by +7.5% as part of the expected recovery. However, having peaked at $1808, the summer rally ended just three weeks later on August 10th. Since then, gold prices, along with
Published: 2022.09.05.
Investors in gold this year were the loser, writes Forbes. The SPDR Gold Shares exchange-traded fund, which displays the price of gold, is currently down 5.3% this year.
Published: 2022.09.02.
Some investors are unhappy with the dynamics of gold prices in recent weeks and months. But at the moment, gold is well ahead of most other asset classes, according to Lowry Williams.
Published: 2022.08.31.
Nicholas Prauten recently gave an interview to Stansberry Research, during which they discussed the cryptocurrency market. He believes cryptocurrencies remain a viable inflation hedge.
Published: 2022.08.29.
Russia intends to launch its own international standard for precious metals after the country was expelled from the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) due to sanctions imposed on it. This was recently reported by Kitco News agency.
Published: 2022.08.25.
Large investment banks in the second quarter of the current 2022, apparently took advantage of the decline in gold prices to significantly increase their stakes in the largest "gold" ETF fund.
Published: 2022.08.23.
It is misleading to say that gold does not generate interest, at least when it comes to Central Banks, according to the Canadian bank TD Securities, which is confident in the high yield of gold reserves.
Published: 2022.08.19.