Most people in the world do not understand the essence of gold for many reasons. This is because the yellow precious metal receives little attention from the media. Politicians and economists are in no hurry to tell ordinary people about the importance of
Közzétett: 2020.07.02.
On June 24, 2020, gold quotes broke the mark of $ 1,778 per ounce against the backdrop of increased investor fears about the spread of the pandemic in Latin America and the “second wave” approaching the United States, Germany and China. The profitability
Közzétett: 2020.06.30.
Gold is currently trading at highs since 2012, receiving support from concerns about a second wave of coronavirus in the fall. The situation in Hong Kong is also of concern to investors after China published the text of the bill on national security. This
Közzétett: 2020.06.29.
The price of gold has continued to consolidate since mid-April, causing mixed feelings among investors. Although such “rest periods” in the gold market occur frequently, since since August 2018, the price of gold has been able to grow by almost 50%.
Közzétett: 2020.06.25.
Investment advisors recommend their customers buy more gold this year. This is due to an increase in global instability caused by the spread of coronavirus in many countries of the world. The policy of the central banks will also support the gold market.
Közzétett: 2020.06.24.
Investment advisors recommend continuing to increase investments in the yellow precious metal. This was reported by Reuters. Until recently, investment recommendations did not provide for gold in such a volume, but now it is recommended to have up to 10%
Közzétett: 2020.06.23.
Analysts at US investment bank Goldman Sachs raised their 12-month forecast for gold to $ 2,000 an ounce. This was reported by the FX Street portal. The previous forecast of the bank was at the level of 1800 dollars.
Közzétett: 2020.06.22.
After a small panic last week, the Fed launched a new monetary stimulus program - with the repurchase of a “wide profile” of corporate bonds. On the news of this, the dollar began to fall to the entire spectrum of currencies, “risk assets” and raw materia
Közzétett: 2020.06.18.
COMEX New York Mercantile Exchange Trades Gold Futures. These contracts are carried out through the supply of physical metal. As a rule, the supply was provided by its own small supply of yellow precious metal.
Közzétett: 2020.06.16.
"Democracy is the power of democrats." Having trained at a dozen “peripheral” countries (and turned many of them into ruins), political technologists of color revolutions finally decided to test their skills at home, in the “metropolis” - in America itsel
Közzétett: 2020.06.15.