Jeff Clark, chief precious metals analyst at, told Stansberry Research that negative and uncertain markets are holding back investors from investing. Many people will sell their assets instead of buying to avoid big losses.
Közzétett: 2022.06.27.
Uganda, located in southeast Africa, is not among the world's largest gold producers. The most important gold mining areas are in China, Russia, West Africa, North America, Australia and South Africa.
Közzétett: 2022.06.24.
The founder and CEO of Rule Investment Media believes that if the prices of goods and services in the US continue to rise, then people will eventually reach the limit of patience. Although people are already reminded of the frenzied inflation every time t
Közzétett: 2022.06.22.
Information portal Kitco News recently interviewed economics professor Lawrence White, during which they discussed the possibility of adopting a “Gold Standard” today.
Közzétett: 2022.06.20.
Journalists from the Wall Street Silver news portal recently spoke with Dr. Mark Faber. During the conversation, they discussed the parallels between the current global crisis and the Great Depression.
Közzétett: 2022.06.17.
Analyzing the profit potential of gold requires an understanding of this precious metal and its fundamental characteristics. The problem is that most people do not understand either gold itself or its fundamental characteristics. By "people" we mean inves
Közzétett: 2022.06.15.
Gold is returning to its stable monetary value in a tense geopolitical context. At the same time, the price of gold in the European currency shows a parabolic growth.
Közzétett: 2022.06.13.
Gold is a long-term inflation hedge and a safe haven during times of crisis, according to Gary Wagner, editor of, and Jeff Christian, managing director of CPM Group.
Közzétett: 2022.06.10.
Rising real interest rates are likely to continue to create difficult conditions for the global gold market, but analysts at the French bank Societe Generale believe that gold will play an increasingly important role as a diversifier for central banks aro
Közzétett: 2022.06.08.
Analyst firm Stansberry Research recently spoke with analyst Lobo Tiggre during the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference. During the conversation, they discussed the current situation with inflation, as well as the development of prices for gold and s
Közzétett: 2022.06.03.