The ongoing global energy crisis and looming energy collapse will drive the price of gold to new highs. The question here is not if, but when.
Közzétett: 2022.01.19.
Analyst firm Stansberry Research interviewed trend researcher Gerald Celente late last year, during which he shared his views on the start of 2022. Interview topics: the consequences of the coronacrisis, monetary policy, as well as opportunities and threa
Közzétett: 2022.01.17.
Journalist Charlotte McLeod recently spoke with Frank Holmes about his current view of the gold price. While the yellow precious metal did not perform as well as many investors expected in 2021 last year, the investment expert emphasizes that it is import
Közzétett: 2022.01.14.
Stansberry Research recently interviewed Michael Gentile, Founding Partner and Senior Portfolio Manager at Bastion Asset Management, during which they discussed gold forecasts for 2022.
Közzétett: 2022.01.12.
Harry Dent, founder of HS Dent Publishing, was interviewed by Kitco News, during which he shared his forecast for gold in the new 2022.
Közzétett: 2022.01.10.
Gold could rise 20% in the just-started new year of 2022 if it regains its status as a defensive asset against inflation, according to Byron Win, vice chairman of Blackstone Private Wealth Solutions. According to Kitco News, the expert made the announcem
Közzétett: 2022.01.07.
The price of gold is, among other things, also a reflection of the exchange rate in which the value of the precious metal is determined. In the past 2021, there was a completely different picture of pricing in the gold market.
Közzétett: 2022.01.05.
The normalization of the global economy in 2022 and the tightening of monetary policy by the US Federal Reserve will affect gold and silver, analysts at Natixis Bank say.
Közzétett: 2022.01.03.
Happy New Year 2022!
Közzétett: 2021.12.31.
In theory, the conditions for a rise in the price of gold in 2021 were ideal: inflation was at its highest in decades, real interest rates were negative, plus economic instability due to a permanent pandemic. But why hasn't the gold price been able to cap
Közzétett: 2021.12.28.