The Sovereign gold coin from the UK is a popular investment product worldwide. As it became known recently, at the auction a rare coin was sold for 1 million pounds. Now it is considered the most expensive UK coin.
Published: 2020.01.24.
According to the forecast of the Swiss investment bank Credit Suisse, in 2020 the price of gold has good prospects for growth, although the average quarterly cost of precious metals will be in the current range. This was reported by Kitco News.
Published: 2020.01.22.
Gold price increases are on standby. This may mean calm before the next storm. This opinion was expressed by a leading analyst in the world's largest hedge fund Bridgewater Associates.
Published: 2020.01.21.
In developed industrial countries, inflation remains very low. But in developing countries, on the contrary, inflation is showing steady growth. Therefore, gold in these countries is a protection against depreciation of savings.
Published: 2020.01.20.
The Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science has published its forecast for gold. The review says that demand for gold in 2020 will increase by + 1.3%, and in 2021 by + 3.1%. According to the results of 2021, global demand may reach 4760
Published: 2020.01.17.
Gold is consolidating in the new price range of $ 1540-1610 per ounce after a panicky surge in prices a week ago on news from the Middle East. The previous resistance in the area of ​​1535-1550 dollars now became support?
Published: 2020.01.15.
After reaching a historical record of value in euros, the yellow precious metal began to decline. There is a high probability of consolidation in the gold and silver market.
Published: 2020.01.14.
The military confrontation between the United States and Iran is gaining momentum. Escalation of the conflict is almost inevitable. Against this background, the value of gold in the European currency set a new historical record for all the time of statist
Published: 2020.01.13.
As it became known recently, Israeli archaeologists have found ancient gold coins, whose age is estimated at 1200 years. According to some estimates, they were minted between 786 and 809. BC. in North Africa.
Published: 2020.01.10.
The rate of the yellow precious metal approached its seven-year high already in the second week of 2020 and now is equal to 1577 dollars per ounce. The reason for this price rally was an American air strike, which killed one of the most influential Irania
Published: 2020.01.09.