Dutch investment bank ABN Amro gave a positive outlook on gold prices for the long term. The main factors of support will be the “soft” monetary policy of the Central Banks and low interest rates.
Published: 2019.12.10.
Gold rejected prices below the level of $ 1,450 and rebounded by $ 30 up. If the price breaks the mark of $ 1490, it will be possible to consider that the correction has completed, and there is yet another wave of growth ahead - to the levels of 1800-1900
Published: 2019.12.09.
Currently, the Republic of Slovakia stores 31.7 tons of gold in the Bank of England vault in London. The Social Democrats, led by former Prime Minister Robert Fico, want to return gold to the country.
Published: 2019.12.06.
Global investors predict large-scale consequences for the economy due to trade wars and soft monetary policy, until the onset of another global economic crisis. Therefore, some of them buy physical gold, while others bet on it, expecting a sharp rise in t
Published: 2019.12.05.
The transport company G4S, which specializes in the transport of valuables, spoke on its official website about how it transported Polish gold from London to Warsaw.
Published: 2019.12.04.
A group of Russian archaeologists discovered in the Krasnodar Territory during excavations a treasure consisting of gold coins of Byzantium. Coins found date back to the 10th century. At that time, this region was known as the Taman Peninsula.
Published: 2019.12.02.
Over the past few days, the price of gold has experienced some correction. After reaching the mark of $ 1,534 per ounce on August 26, the yellow precious metal is now trading at $ 1,455 per ounce (-5.1% decrease).
Published: 2019.11.29.
According to the Scrap Monster portal, from January 1, 2020, the Government of India will launch a program according to which each bride will receive 10 grams of gold as a gift from the state. But there are several important conditions for participating i
Published: 2019.11.28.
According to Newsmax, the American bank Morgan Stanley predicts continued growth in gold prices in the next 2020, and the US stock market, on the contrary, may show a weakening.
Published: 2019.11.27.
As it became known recently, at the end of October of this year, Russia's gold reserves rose again. The country's central bank bought another 300,000 ounces of yellow precious metal for state reserves, although 900,000 ounces were bought last October.
Published: 2019.11.26.