American Investment Fund Evoke Wealth Llc. in the third quarter I bought shares of the largest ETF-fund in the amount of $ 31 billion, which corresponds to 700 tons of “paper” gold. This fact indicates that there is still huge potential for growth in the
Published: 2019.11.25.
The gold price at Asian trading showed a slight decrease on Monday amid news that an interim agreement could soon be signed between the US and China. This was reported by
Published: 2019.11.22.
The Rothschild banking family, currently headed by Lord Jacob Rothschild, recently announced that it is reducing the share of its capital in the US dollar, which is still considered the world's reserve currency. Instead, gold is preferred.
Published: 2019.11.20.
According to the portal, the price of gold at Asian trading shows a slight increase amid weak economic data from China, Japan and Australia. Also, the uncertainty about the prospects for a trade agreement between the United States and China
Published: 2019.11.18.
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Published: 2019.11.18.
Over the past few days, the price of gold has shown a noticeable decline. The current consolidation of prices in the gold market offers long-term investors a great chance to increase their investment in yellow precious metals in the form of coins and bull
Published: 2019.11.15.
During the current 2019, the world price of gold showed good development dynamics amid growing problems in the global economy and the escalation of the trade conflict between the United States and China. This was told by analyst Ole Hansen from Saxo Bank.
Published: 2019.11.14.
Against the backdrop of positive signals from negotiations between the United States and China, the world price of gold again fell below $ 1,500 per ounce. What will be the situation in the gold market in the future?
Published: 2019.11.13.
Gold has not only supporters, but also opponents who claim that precious metals do not bring any benefit to investors. One of these opponents is Warren Buffett, who prefers to invest in stocks of companies. But gold still plays an important role in the in
Published: 2019.11.11.
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Published: 2019.11.11.