German precious metals market analyst Dirk Muller gave an interview to the Pro Aurum TV portal, in which he talked about the current situation in the global economy and named the factors that will affect the growth of gold.
Published: 2019.11.08.
The World Gold Council (WGC) published a review of the gold market, the main topic of which was the situation in the global economy. Due to the growth of geopolitical conflicts, recession may occur in many countries of the world.
Published: 2019.11.07.
For the first time in 21 years, the German Central Bank (Bundesbank) bought yellow precious metals for the country's reserves. As it became known recently, in September this year, German gold reserves rose to 108.34 million ounces.
Published: 2019.11.06.
According to analysts of the Australian-New Zealand bank ANZ, it is not so easy to actually determine the fair value of gold as it might seem. This is reported by Kitco News with reference to a review of the bank.
Published: 2019.11.04.
Расписание презентаций на текущую неделю
Published: 2019.11.04.
Since the unlinking of the American dollar to gold, we have been living in the framework of a unique economic experiment of fiat money, which is not backed by anything. As a result of this, we have a global economy that is mired in debt, and the central b
Published: 2019.10.30.
The famous American finance writer Robert Kiyosaki warns investors of the imaginary wealth that some were able to acquire due to the growth of stocks. He advises buying real physical assets, especially gold - it was, is and always will be.
Published: 2019.10.29.
The price of gold at Asian auctions showed a slight decrease, as traders and investors are waiting for further clarity in negotiations on Britain's exit from the EU. The country's authorities postponed the vote on an agreement with the EU, which is propos
Published: 2019.10.28.
Расписание презентаций на текущую неделю
Published: 2019.10.27.
As it became known in September this year, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) again sent large volumes of gold to the country. This migration indicates an increase in demand in Western countries.
Published: 2019.10.25.