The price of gold is currently around $1,665 per ounce, well below the peak reached in the first quarter of this year, when it broke the $2,000 mark.
Published: 2022.11.02.
Russia's banks are suffering from a shortage of gold bars after a surge in demand for the precious metal, Vedomosti reported on Tuesday, citing experts. Supply disruptions were caused by the limited production capacity of refineries, as well as the growin
Published: 2022.10.31.
The price of gold at the beginning of the current 2022 showed strong upward pricing, but then it entered a downtrend, leaving investors in anticipation of something more. But for Jeff Clark, metals and mining analyst at, the current pri
Published: 2022.10.28.
Swiss Customs has published data on imports and exports of gold. It follows from them that in September of the current 2022, Asian countries imported more than 150 tons of gold from Switzerland. Only China received 44 tons.
Published: 2022.10.26.
“If the price of gold turns up, it could be a very, very dramatic rise, especially now, because so many people are not investing enough in gold and gold stocks,” said Adrian Day of Adrian Day Asset Management, according to Investing News .
Published: 2022.10.24.
Analysts at Canadian bank BMO Capital Markets believe that the headwinds that weighed on the price of gold during most of 2022 should turn into tailwinds in the second quarter of 2023, as US interest rates and the dollar peak at the beginning of next year
Published: 2022.10.22.
Germany is one of the leading countries with the highest demand for investment gold in 2021. This was recently reported by the World Gold Council in its market review. But which countries rank first in gold purchases per capita?
Published: 2022.10.20.
Gold prices rose slightly on Monday but remained below key support levels as markets feared further interest rate hikes from the US Federal Reserve.
Published: 2022.10.18.
Today we turn to the physical gold market and ask if now is the right time to buy physical gold? According to veteran trading Ross Norman of Metals Daily, there is "a gap between the price of gold and what is happening in the physical markets."
Published: 2022.10.15.
The Investing News Network recently interviewed David Erfle, editor and founder of Junior Miner Junky, during which they discussed gold prices and his view of gold mining stocks.
Published: 2022.10.10.