The economies of many countries of the world are now in a completely new situation for them due to the sharp increase in monetary and fiscal stimuli that put the global financial system on the edge of the abyss. This is the view expressed by John Dean, a
Published: 2021.07.23.
Analyst David Theis spoke recently in an interview with CNBC about the current situation in the financial markets. According to him, now "a very dangerous time" is coming for investors. The point is that the markets are overvalued in relation to future re
Published: 2021.07.22.
The US Federal Reserve System was founded in 1913. Since then, the US dollar has lost 99% of its purchasing power. Not coincidentally, but as a direct reflection of the dollar's loss of purchasing power, the price of gold has since risen from $ 20.67 to $
Published: 2021.07.19.
The Commodities Department of the US bank Goldman Sachs has confirmed its forecast for gold at $ 2,000 per ounce. But not all bank analysts are optimistic about the prospects for the yellow precious metal.
Published: 2021.07.16.
Kitco News recently interviewed precious metals analyst Peter Grandich, during which they discussed the situation in the financial markets.
Published: 2021.07.14.
The Fed's actions over the past year have led many to believe that much higher inflation is a foregone conclusion. This leads to another expectation of an imminent rise in gold prices. It sounds logical, but it's not that simple.
Published: 2021.07.12.
The Russian Ministry of Finance recently announced its plans, according to which in the period from July 7 to August 5, 2021, it intends to buy foreign currency and gold in the amount of 13.5 billion rubles a day. This was reported by the Reuters news age
Published: 2021.07.08.
The speech by the US Central Bank last week was aggressive, which led to the flight of some speculators from the gold market. However, the long-term potential of the yellow precious metal is still valid. This opinion was voiced by Peter Grosskopf, CEO of
Published: 2021.07.02.
The trend towards abandoning the US dollar as the world's reserve currency has accelerated markedly in recent years, but the dollar has serious competition. Central banks around the world continue to actively build up the gold reserves of their states. Th
Published: 2021.06.29.
Last week, the US central bank (Fed) began to experience relatively high inflation in the country, so it planned to raise interest rates by 0.25 basis points twice in 2023.
Published: 2021.06.24.