The rise in prices for gold and silver has not yet led to a strong recovery in investment in the sector of ETF funds, whose shares are secured by the physical precious metal. Apparently, investors have taken a wait-and-see attitude to see in what directio
Published: 2022.11.28.
Along with stocks and bonds, the price of gold has also been on the rise in recent weeks. But there is a special price momentum that gold, in particular, has.
Published: 2022.11.25.
Gold, a tried and tested inflation hedge, has reacted to the inflationary trend in an unusual way. Last week, it has risen significantly in price, despite the decline in inflation in the US.
Published: 2022.11.23.
The Swiss Federal Customs Administration reported that in October 2022, about 377.1 tons of gold, silver and coins worth 8.9 billion Swiss francs were imported into the country. The country's exports, on the contrary, amounted to about 379.3 tons of gold,
Published: 2022.11.21.
Australian broker Pepperstone believes that gold could soon break through $1,800 per ounce, according to Kitco News. “We are seeing signs of consolidation ahead of a possible test of $1800/04 and beyond. We remain positive, but would reconsider at $1,739
Published: 2022.11.18.
Interest rates in the US are likely not to rise as sharply as they have recently. Where are investors looking now? And what will happen to the price of gold in the near future?
Published: 2022.11.16.
The demand for gold in Germany since the end of 2019 has been quarterly worth more than one billion euros. However, the peak of 2008-2009 has not yet been reached.
Published: 2022.11.14.
Bart Melek, head of commodities at Canadian bank TD Securities, recently spoke to Bloomberg about his current views on gold and copper.
Published: 2022.11.12.
Investing News recently interviewed Tavi Costa, partner and portfolio manager at Crescat Capital. During the call, he said that his firm is taking a long-term view of inflationary assets and is shorting expensive financial assets such as mega stocks.
Published: 2022.11.07.
Every natural element that the earth is endowed with has its own purpose. When we hear the word gold, its message is loud and clear: gold is money. To serve as natural money is the highest purpose of gold.
Published: 2022.11.04.