After recent lows on July 21, gold and silver prices recovered markedly after the last meeting of the US Federal Reserve. Important key data on inflation in the US in the form of consumer and producer prices should be released this week.
Published: 2022.08.12.
Gold as an investment vehicle is largely defined by opposing forces: persistently high inflation and Central Banks raising interest rates in response. Such a definition can be found on the FinBold portal.
Published: 2022.08.10.
The World Gold Council (WGC) published its latest report on the state of the world gold market for the second quarter of 2022 last week, the results of which turned out to be relatively mixed.
Published: 2022.08.08.
Volatility in the markets cannot hide the fact that the pace of economic development is slowing down. In such conditions, gold serves as a safe haven for capital. So, the Fed decided to raise its key interest rate by 0.75% at the very time when all econom
Published: 2022.08.05.
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said last week that the US economy is not in a recession. Biden administration officials seem to agree, including National Economic Council Director Brian Dees and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.
Published: 2022.08.03.
Although aggregate demand for gold fell 8% year on year to 948 tons, some sources of demand saw decent growth. In addition, demand for the first six months of the current 2022 was 12% higher year-on-year, reaching 2,189 tons.
Published: 2022.08.01.
The global price of gold, denominated in US dollars, has already lost more than 5% of its value since the beginning of 2022 to date, while the dollar index, which compares the dollar to six other major currencies, has gained 11% over the same time period.
Published: 2022.07.30.
A few days ago, Wall Street Silver published an interview with Andy Schektman, CEO of Miles Franklin. Among other things, during the interview, there was one rumor that a woman from Texas bought $50 million worth of silver and gold last week.
Published: 2022.07.27.
The price of gold on the spot market was quoted yesterday at the level of 1716 dollars per ounce, which corresponds to 1673 euros. An ounce of silver cost $18.85 or €18.37. Thus, the price of gold in European currency was 2.8% lower than the previous week
Published: 2022.07.25.
Analyst Craig Hemke recently gave an interview to USAWatchdog during which they discussed financial market developments this year and for the rest of 2022.
Published: 2022.07.23.