The first quarter of 2021 brought some disappointment to the gold market, even despite the growing crises of various levels, in which gold was supposed to be in demand. According to the results of the first three months of this year, the price of gold dec
Published: 2021.04.13.
Hungary's central bank recently announced that it has purchased 63 tons of gold for the country's gold reserves. Thus, the gold reserves of this European state have tripled.
Published: 2021.04.11.
The price of gold may rise this year to $ 2,200 per ounce. This was reported by Kitco News with reference to an analyst at the American bank Wells Fargo. The supply of gold on the market has moved from a surplus to a deficit stage. In the past, this state
Published: 2021.04.09.
As is known, the rate of gold is less dependent on industrial demand than silver and platinoids. Quotes of the yellow precious metal are often determined by speculative trading. Therefore, it is not surprising that the 6% decline in gold exchange-traded f
Published: 2021.04.07.
Analyst firm Stansberry Research recently interviewed Peter Grandich, founder of Peter Grandich & Co., in which he talked about current investment opportunities.
Published: 2021.04.05.
Investors need to get used to the current gold price. This is the opinion of analysts of the French bank Societe Generale. According to their forecast, in the 4th quarter of 2021, one ounce of the yellow precious metal will cost $ 1,675. Kitco News report
Published: 2021.04.01.
Exactly a year ago, the coronavirus epidemic began. It was also a full week of trading in financial markets before many assets began to crash. Also, in some countries of the world, business activity began to freeze: lockdowns were introduced.
Published: 2021.03.30.
Gold futures declined during US trading on Thursday.
Published: 2021.03.25.
The central bank of Poland recently announced that it will buy at least 100 tons of the yellow precious metal for the country's reserves over the next few years. Thus, this European country will continue to build up its gold reserves.
Published: 2021.03.23.
The chief analyst of the Kitco News information portal shared his opinion on the current situation in the gold market and gave a forecast for further pricing of the yellow precious metal.
Published: 2021.03.18.