Gareth Solovey, market strategist and analyst at InTheMoneyStocks, recently gave an interview during which he gave his financial projections for 2023. He believes that gold will perform well in 2023: “I think that gold will exceed all expectations in 2023
게시됨: 2023.01.05.
By all appearances, the current global crises and undesirable events will not go away in the coming 2023, so long-term investors should increase their private gold reserves, not reduce them.
게시됨: 2023.01.02.
If we compare the price dynamics of gold in euros this year with competing asset classes such as stocks, bonds or cryptocurrencies, it is easy to see the superiority of the yellow precious metal, a tried and tested crisis hedge. Only commodity indices per
게시됨: 2022.12.30.
Lower-than-expected inflation in the US is putting pressure on the US dollar. Together with a decline in real yields, this allowed the price of gold to rise again to $1,800 an ounce, at least according to economists at ANZ Bank.
게시됨: 2022.12.28.
Constraining supply and underinvesting in new supplies will lead to record commodity returns in 2023, analysts at the US bank Goldman Sachs recently voiced such an opinion.
게시됨: 2022.12.26.
Annual reviews and forecasts for the precious metals market are currently booming. The World Gold Council was no exception and last week published its forecast called "Gold Outlook 2023", which detailed what scenarios are possible in the global gold marke
게시됨: 2022.12.25.
Chris Mancini, an analyst at Gabelli Gold Fund, was recently interviewed by Stansberry Research, during which he spoke about his expectations regarding the development of gold prices and gold mining stocks.
게시됨: 2022.12.22.
German financial institution Deutsche Bank is seeking to regain its place at the gold table by applying to join the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), media reported.
게시됨: 2022.12.19.
The price of gold experienced ups and downs in 2022: after hitting $2,000 an ounce in March, then the price fell by more than 20% to an 18-month low of $1,619 in the third quarter, reports Investing News.
게시됨: 2022.12.16.
According to the results of November 2022, the price of gold increased by 6.4%. According to economists at the French bank Societe Generale, the reasons for this are the weakening of the US dollar, falling government bond yields and lower interest rates.
게시됨: 2022.12.14.