Chinese crypto billionaire Jihan Wu has bought a warehouse company called Le Freeport, known as the “Asian Fort Knox.” Thus, he invests in tangible assets such as precious metals, precious stones, and works of art.
Published: 2022.10.07.
The global gold market continues to be under pressure from the strong US dollar and the tight monetary policy of the Central Banks. According to the Dutch bank ING, in the short term, the price of the precious metal may fall even more, as further tighteni
Published: 2022.10.04.
John Paulson spoke in an interview with Bloomberg about the situation in the financial market, the real estate market and the role of gold as a protective asset against inflation.
Published: 2022.09.30.
Host Chris Walzek of GoldSeek Radio recently spoke with analyst Nick Barisheff about what he thinks about the current situation in the financial markets, the real estate market and the price of gold.
Published: 2022.09.28.
Industry experts remain optimistic about the yellow precious metal despite recent setbacks, according to a survey of 10 attendees at the Denver Gold Forum, an annual gathering of mining executives, investors, bankers and analysts.
Published: 2022.09.26.
Whenever a “fire” broke out in the Eurozone, the European Central Bank put out all the threatening fires with its seemingly inexhaustible liquidity. But in times of high inflation, that possibility no longer exists. Therefore, the next euro crisis is like
Published: 2022.09.23.
Rob McEwen was recently interviewed by the Investing News Network, during which he spoke about his views on gold and copper, as well as the latest developments in his company. The chairman of the board of directors and the main owner of McEwen Mining rema
Published: 2022.09.21.
Precious metals prices in London compared to their prices in Shanghai provide historic arbitrage opportunities. More recently, one could observe a price difference of almost 5% between the price of an ounce of silver on the Chinese exchange and the price
Published: 2022.09.19.
The price of gold has recently experienced a price decline. A fall below 1691/76 dollars per ounce will reduce the marginal risk of the beautiful, at least within the next 1-3 months, according to analysts at the Swiss bank Credit Suisse.
Published: 2022.09.16.
A growing number of well-known financial groups believe that the era of low inflation is over and that one of the investment strategies is to increase the share of commodities and natural resources. Experts express doubts that the world's central banks wi
Published: 2022.09.14.