The Australian Mint in the city of Perth (The Perth Mint) brought the world's largest gold coin to the American city of New York. Thus, he wants to advertise his new ETF fund. It is worth recalling that the mass of the Australian coin is 1 ton, which cor
Published: 2019.07.25.
The WGC review provides data on the demand for gold from the central banks, although most of the information is based on data for the end of May, as they are late in sending out recent statistics on changes in their gold reserves.
Published: 2019.07.24.
According to Bloomberg, the Venezuelan authorities sold last week gold worth $ 40 million. This country is under pressure from US sanctions, which can at any time completely destroy the existing regime of Nicolas Maduro.
Published: 2019.07.23.
Расписание презентаций и вебинаров на текущую неделю
Published: 2019.07.22.
Currently in Germany you can buy gold and silver anonymously, that is, without a passport and in cash, for up to 10,000 euros. But a bill has already appeared, which provides for the reduction of this amount to 2,000 euros.
Published: 2019.07.22.
During a recent speech before Congress, US Federal Reserve head Jerome Powell categorically rejected the idea of returning the country to the use of the "gold standard." He does not consider this a good idea.
Published: 2019.07.19.
After the presentation of the representative of the US Federal Reserve among analysts, the expectation of lower interest rates in the near future became stronger. The price of gold again confidently exceeded $ 1,400 per ounce.
Published: 2019.07.18.
The price rally of gold in June of this year was made possible by a statement by the US Federal Reserve leadership about a possible change in monetary policy before the end of this year. This is stated in the monthly review of Scotiabank.
Published: 2019.07.17.
For 40 years, platinum has been more expensive than yellow precious metal, but in recent years, the price ratio of these two precious metals has radically changed to exactly the opposite. Why did this happen and what are the prospects for further dynamics
Published: 2019.07.16.
According to an official report from the Central Bank of Poland, this year 100 tons of gold were bought for the country's reserves, which are kept by the Bank of England in London. This precious metal must be delivered to the country.
Published: 2019.07.15.