The German company for the sale of precious metals Pro Aurum has published data from an annual survey of investor preferences. It follows from them that the Germans prefer shares as a long-term investment, rather than gold, although the demand for preciou
Published: 2019.06.20.
As it became known recently, China’s gold reserves increased by 510,000 ounces in May this year, more than a month earlier. Since January of this year, Chinese gold reserves have increased by more than 2 million ounces.
Published: 2019.06.19.
Buying gold is again becoming a popular investment. Why are long-term investments in gold profitable for every investor? In the face of growing uncertainty in the world, investing free money in gold again attracts investors from different sectors of soci
Published: 2019.06.18.
The Australian Mint (The Perth Mint) reported a significant drop in gold sales in May of this year in 2019. This decline has not been observed for many years. Only 11,000 ounces of gold was sold.
Published: 2019.06.17.
Расписание презентаций и вебинаров на текущую неделю
Published: 2019.06.16.
The price of gold was able to overcome the $ 1300 mark per ounce the other day. The current week may become very important for further pricing of the precious metal. It is worth recalling that last Friday the price of gold exceeded the psychologically imp
Published: 2019.06.13.
On Monday, the gold rate jumped to $ 1,323 per ounce, reaching a three-month high. This became possible due to sharply increased concerns about the state of the world economy against the background of tense relations between the US and its allies, as well
Published: 2019.06.12.
Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir during a conference in Tokyo proposed to create an Asian currency based on gold, which will be used to make payments in trade between Asian countries.
Published: 2019.06.11.
Prices of the safe-haven gold fell on Monday in Asia as stocks rose on strong China data and a U.S.-Mexico agreement.
Published: 2019.06.10.
Расписание презентаций и вебинаров на текущую неделю
Published: 2019.06.10.