Since the beginning of September this year, the price of gold has entered a phase of consolidation, but now the yellow precious metal has again moved into the growth stage. Not to a small degree, whether voluntarily or not, American President Donald Trump
Published: 2019.09.30.
The price of gold is rising amid economic instability and geopolitical risks, and may show new highs. But the main thing is not this, but the question, what is next?
Published: 2019.09.27.
On Monday, in Asian markets, the price of gold showed a slight increase amid events in the UAE last week when drones attacked an oil refinery in that Arab country. In this regard, the yellow precious metal has again become interesting to investors as a pr
Published: 2019.09.26.
In the United States, an investigation has been completed against a JP Morgan bank trader related to manipulations in the precious metals market. Against the backdrop of a serious lawsuit in the gold market, obvious manipulations are no longer observed. T
Published: 2019.09.25.
The company from the UAE, “The Golden M Group”, is ready to launch by the end of the current 2019 cryptocurrency secured by gold, called “Coin M”, which will also comply with Sharia standards. A company representative said that Coin M will be the first o
Published: 2019.09.24.
According to the director of the gold mining company Kinross Gold Corp., the world price of gold has formed a solid support level at around $ 1,500 per ounce. This means that his company can now safely develop a gold mine in West Africa.
Published: 2019.09.23.
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Published: 2019.09.22.
It is worth recalling that on September 17, 2008 the price of gold increased during the day by + 14% ($ 110), breaking the mark of $ 890 per ounce. Could something like this happen today?
Published: 2019.09.20.
The World Gold Council has published a review in which it talks about the fact that gold has unique properties that become most relevant during times of crisis.
Published: 2019.09.19.
Financial markets win back drone attack on oil refinery in Saudi Arabia. This incident may become a growth driver for the price of gold. On Wednesday, the next meeting of the US Federal Reserve will be held.
Published: 2019.09.18.