Расписание презентаций и вебинаров на текущую неделю
Published: 2019.05.27.
The conjuncture of the world market is in standby mode. Here it is worth adding serious political differences between some countries of the world. The price of gold receives support for recovery. Can we talk about the beginning of a new phase of growth?
Published: 2019.05.23.
Gold prices were holding steady on Wednesday in Asia as the dollar remained supported near three-and-a-half week highs, dampening the appeal of the yellow metal.
Published: 2019.05.22.
The World Gold Council (WGC) published the results of the gold market in the first quarter of 2019.
Published: 2019.05.21.
Not all investors in precious metals know that in many currencies of the world the value of gold has come close to its record highs. It is not only about the Russian ruble, the Turkish lira or the Venezuelan bolivar.
Published: 2019.05.20.
Расписание презентаций и вебинаров на текущую неделю
Published: 2019.05.20.
One of the advantages of gold as an investment metal is its liquidity. Any investor can get rid of a part of his gold and sell it on the so-called secondary market, instantly returning the invested amount or, if he was smart enough, having received an int
Published: 2019.05.17.
About 9,000 tons of gold has been accumulated and stored in German households, which is three times the amount of gold stored in the Bundesbank. Thus, it can be said that at the beginning of April 2019 Germany accumulated 6.5% of the total world gold rese
Published: 2019.05.16.
According to the World Bank's forecast, according to the results of the current 2019, the price of gold should increase by 3.2%. The main drivers of growth will be high demand for precious metals and a long pause of the US Federal Reserve with an increase
Published: 2019.05.15.
Prices of safe-haven gold dipped below the psychologically important $1,300 level on Tuesday in Asia despite escalating trade tensions between the U.S. and China.
Published: 2019.05.14.