R G Returns & Exchanges Policy.

Distance Sellers Act – “Directive 2002/65/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the distance marketing of consumer financial services” states that any business selling goods or services to consumers by mail order, Internet or telephone must provide the consumer with a minimum term in which to return the goods or service – However, financial services and goods and services directly linked to a fluctuating price are exempt.

Buy Back: R G bars comply with «London Good Delivery» quality standards and have all the necessary certificates that is why we provide our customers with the opportunity to carry out the Buy Back procedure on gold bars purchased in our company and resell a purchased gold bar (s) to a company at purchase price at any time.

Buy Back procedure is available only for gold bars stored in the Company.The Company shall not accept the gold bar which was previously handed over to the customer.

The purchase price of the gold bar is specified on the web site of the company as publicly available published price as of the date of carrying out the purchase. The gold bar prices on the web site are regulated based on the daily London fixing by LBMA.

An application for Buy Back procedure is carried out as soon as a Customer clicks the button “Sell to company” in his/ her personal account. When the application is received, the system shall automatically check the full purchase price based on the gold bar selling price which is published on the web site and updated several times a day, considering the cost of payment processing.

To carry out Buy Back procedure user shall indicate desired payment type or bank details to transfer the funds generated from the Buy Back procedure and click the button “Send request”.

Funds generated by such a procedure are transferred by a Company’s administrator via payment systems indicated on a company website in the section “Payments and Withdrawal» to Visa, MasterCard or the Partner’s bank account.

The process of financial transactions to Visa or MasterCard takes 14 working days. Financial transactions to a personal bank account happen on the 14th day after withdrawal was carried out from the Partner’s personal account. Bank commission can be charged.

Exchange. In the rare event that you receive goods from us that you feel don’t comply with its characteristics, please contact us directly to arrange a return and like-for-like exchange.

Returning goods by post. When returning high value items, customers are advised to use insured mail. ROI GROUP Company does not accept any responsibility of loss of returned goods whilst in transit.

For further advice regarding our Returns & Exchanges Policy, please, contact our customer services team on email info@1realgold.com.

Learn more about Directive 2002/65/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the distance marketing of consumer financial services”.