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  • Where can I buy REAL GOLD bars

    You can purchase REAL GOLD bars in REAL GOLD online store here and in official sales offices.

  • What is deposit?

    Deposit – the amount of money which is included into total cost of the product that the Buyer gives in advance to support his/ her intention to carry out the purchase of a 500g., a 1.000g., a 2.500g., or a 3.000 g. gold bar (or gold bars the total weight of which is no less than 500g., 1.000g., 2.500 g., or 3.000 g.) within the specified period of time.

    Deposit agreement – the agreement between a buyer and the company on obligation of the Buyer to transfer the deposit to the Company and on the Company’s obligation to fix the selling price for established period and to carry out the selling of the product to the Buyer when all conditions of the agreement are met.

  • Is it possible to resell purchased gold bars to a Company?

    Yes there is such a possibility. REAL GOLD bars comply with «London Good Delivery» quality standards and have all the necessary certificates that is why we provide our customers with the opportunity to carry out the Buy Back procedure on gold bars purchased in our company and resell a purchased gold bar (s) to a company at purchase price at any time.

    Buy Back procedure is available only for gold bars stored in the Company.The Company shall not accept the gold bar which was previously handed over to the customer.

  • How can I get money gained from Buy Back procedure ?

    Funds generated by Buy Back procedure are transferred by a Company’s administrator via payment systems indicated on a company website in the section “Payments and Withdrawal» to Visa, MasterCard or the Partner’s bank account.

    The process of financial transactions to Visa or MasterCard takes 3 working days. Financial transactions to a personal bank account happen on the 14th day after withdrawal was carried out from the Partner’s personal account. Withdrawal of an amount less than 130 euro is not possible. Bank commission can be charged

  • Do I have to pay VAT on my gold bar purchase in Europe?

    No, you don’t have to pay VAT. In accordance to the Council Directive 1998/80/EC of 12 October 1998, supplementing the common system of value added tax and amending Directive 77/388/EEC - Special scheme for investment gold “ ”gold, in the form of a bar or a wafer of weights accepted by the bullion markets, of a purity equal to or greater than 995 thousandths, whether or not represented by securities is  not in principle subject to VAT"

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