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  • Can I terminate the participation in the program and withdraw my money?

    Yes. The Partner has the right to terminate the program and leave the program at any time. 

    If the button “Reinvestment” is unchecked while an order is leaving a business tier, the Partner’s personal account receives the amount of euro bonuses that is equal to the sum that was spent to join the program.

    If the button “Reinvestment” is unchecked while an order is leaving a Platinum business tier, the Partner’s personal account receives 8.500 euro bonuses. 

  • Can former Potential Partners leave the Affiliate bonus – marketing program?

    Former Potential Partners cannot leave the Affiliate bonus – marketing program.

  • Can I re – register my order in another person?

    Yes. The Partner who made an order within the Affiliate bonus – marketing program has a right to re – register his/ her order in another person without specifying the reasons for such a procedure. By carrying out such a procedure The Partner acknowledges that he/she is solely responsible for all the costs associated with re – registration procedure that shall be 50 % of the total amount of the initial payment.

  • Is this a Ponzi scheme?

    No ot is not. RealGoldLtd is a company that provides services for investment gold bullions trading.

    Company’s activity includes the whole range of activities related to the manufacture, sale, storage and purchase of the highest level investment bullions:

    • own gold refine;
    • sale of gold bullions 999,9 by online shop and official sales offices;
    • sale of certified investment gold bullions produced on leading factories;
    • storage, delivery and online purchase of gold bullions which were bought in the company;
    • cooperation with gold mining companies in Africa.

    The buyers of investment gold bullions can take part in the Affiliate bonus –marketing program REALGOLD. Sale price of gold bullion depends on the exchange value of gold at the time of purchase.
    RealGoldLtd is not an investment company. RealGoldLtd main activity is the sell of gold bullion 999,9 on company's website online shop and official sales offices.
    REALGOLD customers participate in the program only on their own in will in order to earn profit from the successful product and services advertising. The participants can leave the program at any time.
    Affiliate bonus – marketing program is an additional business offer for REALGOLD customers. REALGOLD purchase procedure with the selling price is available on the company's web-site and in sales offices and doesn’t depend on the program participation results.

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