The Australian Mint, located in the city of Perth (The Perth Mint), recently published a message in which it announced its intention to make the world gold market transparent to all its participants. The technology company Security Matters Ltd will help h
Published: 2020.02.10.
Who can invest in gold and silver when Central banks pursue a policy of low interest rates? To answer this question, you need to understand what type of investors you belong to.
Published: 2020.02.07.
The Australian Mint, located in the city of Perth (The Perth Mint), published official data on the sale of gold and silver in January of 2020. It follows from them that the previous month showed an increase compared to the same period in 2019.
Published: 2020.02.06.
According to the World Gold Council, by the end of 2019, less yellow precious metal was mined in the world compared to the previous 2018. In China, which is the world leader in this indicator, production has been declining for the third year in a row.
Published: 2020.02.05.
Any panic in the financial markets is a blessing for long-term investors in gold, since against this background, the cost of yellow precious metals usually increases. Yesterday, the price of gold in the futures market reached $ 1,580 per ounce, after whic
Published: 2020.02.03.
Since the beginning of the current 2020, a real price rally has been observed in the gold market. However, ABN AMRO Bank warned that in the near future, investors should count on the beginning of the correction. At the same time, analysts are configured t
Published: 2020.01.31.
“The negative news background on the stock market in the US puts pressure on the yield of government bonds. Investors now prefer to shift their capital into defensive assets. All this provides support for the price of gold, ”said Michael Armbruster, Altav
Published: 2020.01.30.
Uncertainty remains in the world in many areas of economic activity. The price of gold receives support to continue the price rally. Precious metal is traded at levels that until this moment were observed only in 2013. The value in euros again sets new re
Published: 2020.01.29.
The Swiss Mint issued the smallest gold coin in the world. The coin has a weight of 0.063 grams, and its face value was ¼ franc. Unusual gold coin dedicated to Albert Einstein.
Published: 2020.01.28.
According to analyst and investor Peter Schiff, the new record values ​​of 2020, which many experts predict, may exceed the maximum values ​​of 2019. The upcoming US presidential election will affect the growth of yellow precious metals.
Published: 2020.01.27.