The value of gold in euros is close to its historical record. The new geopolitical tensions between the US and Iran have become a driver of growth in the world price of gold. Investors are in search of defensive assets.
Published: 2020.01.07.
According to the results of 2019, the price of gold in European currency showed a yield of + 22% - this is a record profitability of yellow precious metals within one currency space.
Published: 2020.01.03.
Happy New Year!
Published: 2019.12.31.
Investment Bank BMO Capital Markets believes that next year the price of gold will receive support from the soft monetary policy of the Central banks of some countries of the world. According to the forecast, the average cost of yellow precious metals in
Published: 2019.12.30.
Since the beginning of December this year, gold has been trading in a narrow price range. Can investors still count until the end of 2019 on an increase in the cost of yellow precious metals? Many investors continue to believe that a jump in prices may s
Published: 2019.12.23.
Last week, the price of gold fell $ 20 after Donald Trump tweeted about the prospects of signing a trade agreement between the US and China.
Published: 2019.12.19.
Since the end of November of the current 2019, the price of gold has practically not moved. But this week there will be events that may possibly become drivers for further growth in the price of yellow precious metals.
Published: 2019.12.17.
Central banks in many countries of the world are reducing their dependence on the US dollar. For analyst Jeff Kerry of Goldman Sachs Investment Bank, this fact is the best argument for investing in gold. His colleagues predict a rise in gold prices to $ 1
Published: 2019.12.16.
According to Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs investment bank recommends that its customers diversify their investment portfolio with gold. According to bank analysts, the demand for gold will grow amid growing concerns about the prospects for the global economy.
Published: 2019.12.13.
Demand for gold from the Central Banks has reached a new record this year, although there has been a slight decrease in recent years. But overall, demand will remain stable. This was reported by Kitco News, citing analyst Matthew Turner.
Published: 2019.12.12.