According to analyst Jeff Klearman of investment company GraniteShares, a recession may soon occur in the Eurozone, as some countries have already seen a cessation of growth. For gold, this factor will be supportive, especially if the Fed continues to low
Published: 2019.09.04.
Расписание презентаций и вебинаров на текущую неделю
Published: 2019.09.04.
Yesterday, the price of gold in euros set a new historical record. And this despite the fact that the real crisis in Europe has not yet begun. Now we can observe factors that create ideal conditions for a further increase in prices for yellow precious met
Published: 2019.08.30.
According to Kitco News, the number of queries related to gold has increased on Google Trends. The surge in interest in the yellow precious metal began this summer, when concerns about the beginning of the recession grew, and the price rally reached $ 1,5
Published: 2019.08.28.
The famous American investor and analyst Mark Mobius recommends buying gold in an interview with Bloomberg. He believes that the price of gold will continue to rise, as the volume of paper money in the global economy will constantly increase.
Published: 2019.08.27.
Расписание презентаций и вебинаров на текущую неделю
Published: 2019.08.26.
Analysts of some banks raised their forecast against the backdrop of a deteriorating situation in the global economy. For example, Bank of America raised its forecast to even $ 2,300 an ounce.
Published: 2019.08.26.
According to CNBC, in the face of negative debt yields, “solid” assets, such as gold, are again coming to the fore. Some experts believe that there are all conditions for the precious metal to grow to $ 2000 per ounce.
Published: 2019.08.23.
The world price of gold continues to trade at a maximum of the last six years. The growth driver for the precious metal is the escalation of the trade conflict between the United States and China, as well as concerns about the prospects for the global eco
Published: 2019.08.22.
The price of gold in euros recently approached its historical maximum, for the repetition of which there was not enough just 5% growth. What will happen to gold if a crisis begins in Europe?
Published: 2019.08.21.